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Welcome to the Adult Verification Systems Guide. This page is about all the adult verification systems on the internet. As an adult webmaster I deal with virtually all the adult services on the internet. I've made this guide to help you find the Adult Verification System(s) that are best for you.

What is an Adult Verification System? Originally Adult Verification Systems also once called Age Verificantion systems (AVS) set up a password protected entry for web sites that do not want their web sites to be "publicly accessible" to people under the age of 18. These systems contain hundreds or even thousands of mini adult sites that all can be accessed with the purchase of just one password. In more recent years the lawyers have said that requiring a credit card does not guarantee that the person is an adult. AVS services have been forced to stop using the terms "Adult Verification" and "Age Verification". The term AVS remains to describe a site that offers access to many sites.

There are so many AVS systems, which one should I use? Depending on your financial situation you can either get one of each so you can enter any site you hit while you are surfing, or you can pick one service and just surf its sites. Each service has tried to differentiate itself from the others. Some have more participating sites, some have a lower price and others give free perks like live video or chat services. To help you make your decision go to the AVS Comparison Chart which gives a head to head comparison of the services and their features in an easy to read table format.

Where does the money go? Most of the money is distributed to the participating adult sites to help them maintain their site which can be very expensive. Part of the money goes to the company running the AVS and with some of the systems part of the the money goes to charity.

I just purchased an AVS adult ID, now what do I do? Before you do anythng write your password down in two places so you don't lose it. Even better download this Password Keeper for Windows 95/NT v3.4. Don't trade your passwords with anyone! The AVS services delete all passwords found being traded. Next, you will need a starting point for your surfing, go to the link page of the AVS service you have selected and bookmark it. HAVE FUN!

Please download this Password Keeper for Windows 95/NT v3.4. It will help you keep track of all the passwords you will collect as you surf the internet.

Below Are Just Some Of The Services
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ManCheck Sex Key United Gay Adult Sites Click here to register with Adult Sights RealAVS ManSites Hentai Key NetVerifier

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To find out about every AVS service go to the AVS COMPARISON CHART


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